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he Qualifiers term refers to the process of fetching the qualified runners for the upcoming markets based on a specific selection system. The goal of the Qualifiers tool is to replace the time-consuming task of manually analyzing all the upcoming markets in order to identify the runners to bet on.

The FlashRace philosophy is that intensive work needs to be done when developing and testing the selection systems, and once a selection system is finally configured it is put to work in an automatic mode. Thus, you can save daily extensive analyzing jobs.

FlashRace integrated several features that will finally lead the user to a fully automated betting configuration, with no daily manual tasks:

  • Manage qualifiers for multiple selection systems in parallel.
  • Customize export parameters and settings of the qualified runners list.
  • Fully automate the process with a preconfigured schedule.
  • The output of the Qualifiers tool can be shared with automated betting software to create a fully automated betting architecture.

Note: FlashRace offers data only for the current day’s races. Data becomes available around 4am GMT.

Configure Qualifiers Service

Manage systems list

Step 1 – Click the Manage Systems button from the Qualifiers tab.

Manage Systems button
Manage Systems button

Step 2 – Check the selection systems for which qualified runners are retrieved and press Update.

Selection systems list

At this point, a tab is created for each checked selection system.
Selection systems tabs
Selection systems tabs

The color code used for each system is the following:

  • Red – system is in manual mode. Qualified runners are retrieved only by the user.
  • Blinking green – system is in auto mode. Qualified runners are retrieved on a predefined schedule.
  • Blinking yellow – system is in auto mode and encountered an error.

The system tab has the following areas:

Selection system areas
Selection system areas


  • Qualified runners table – displays the list of qualified runners for the upcoming races.
  • Export settings – for setting the export formats of the qualified runners list.
  • Auto mode – for configuring the auto mode.

Export settings

In order to export the qualified runners, one must provide the following settings:

Step 1 – Choose the field list that is exported for each qualified runner.

Qualified runner field list
Qualified runner field list

Step 2 – Choose the date format. If the event date is selected for export, this format will be used.

Event date export format
Event date export format

The default format is dd-MM-yyyy, but it can be changed by choosing the Custom option in the format selector.

Step 3 – Set up the Export as CSV option. The CSV column delimiter must be defined (the default value is the comma – “,”).


Export as CSV option
Export as CSV option

Step 4 – Setup the Export as Text option. The Row has either the default format or a custom one.

Export as Text option
Export as Text option

To define a row format, the following conventions must be followed:

  • The fields are stated in enclosed braces – {i}, where “i” represents the field’s zero-based index in the list defined at Step 1.
  • Any character can be used in the format. The TAB character is defined using “[tab]” as it can be seen in the default row format.

Example: The following export fields list is selected:

Export example
Export example


If the desired row configuration is [ev_time] TAB [ev_course] TAB [sel_name], then the row format would be:


Manual mode

The Qualified runners table has the following toolbar:

Qualified runners table toolbar
Qualified runners table toolbar

  • Click Refresh to manually refresh the qualified runners list.
  • Click Export as CSV/Text to manually export the data according to the predefined Export Settings.

Auto mode

The Qualifiers tool can be organized in automated tasks that will fetch the data on a predefined schedule and output it in the configured locations. The following steps must be implemented:

Step 1 – Set up the trigger. These settings will create a schedule by which the qualified runners list will be refreshed.


The following parameters are available:

a. Enable/Disable Auto Mode

b. Get the list each day at a certain time – this represents the initial list at the start of the day. There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration:

  • The time zone – the time configured by the user is the local time of the user’s computer. In the example above, 10am is the user’s local time. One needs to evaluate this and be aware of the races starting time.
  • The moment when the daily data becomes available at FlashRace – the time is about 4am GMT. So if a qualifier’s request is received before the data is available, nothing will be shown. On auto mode, if no data is available at FlashRace, the trigger automatically reschedules a retry until data becomes available. The refresh interval is 30 minutes.

c. Refresh list X minutes before each market – as the qualified runners list might change during the day (due to changes in market configuration, no runners, price fluctuations, etc.) it is best to refresh the list several minutes before the market starts in order to have an accurate final list.

Step 2 – Configure the export locations. The settings will be the ones configured in the Export Settings section. The exported file can be shared with automated betting bots that use it as input for selection list.

Auto mode export locations
Auto mode export locations


Integration with Automated Betting Bots

The great advantage of FlashRace is that it can be used in conjunction with a betting bot in order to create a fully automated and profitable betting engine. Betting is performed in an automated and profitable way. In this architecture, each module has its own advantages:

  • FlashRace – provides the qualified runners list according to the profitable selection systems developed by the user. It acts as a pre-layer of the betting bot.
  • Betting Bot – provides the automated betting interface with the exchange platforms.

The interaction between FlashRace and the betting bot is explained visually in the following picture:

The interaction between FlashRace and the betting bot
The interaction between FlashRace and the betting bot

FlashRace automatically outputs the qualified runners in a file, while the betting bot automatically reads the list from the file at a certain predefined interval. The following separation of tasks must be implemented:

  • FlashRace – focuses only on selecting the runners from the daily markets.
  • Betting Bot – focuses on the financial implementation. While developing and testing the financial systems, profitable strategies are identified. All the financial settings, along with the staking plans, must be implemented/configured in the betting bot, as this is the interface with the betting exchange.

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