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Frequently Asked Questions

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In order to log into FlashRace software application you have to use the same Email Address and Password required to access your account at

The parameters available for the filtering criteria of the selection system are listed at

The Breakdown tool is the most efficient tool for continuously improving the selection systems. Basically, it’s like a “what if” investigator that adds, one at a time, all the possible conditions to the existing ones and performs the test, taking the new configuration into consideration. Thus, you can see all in one place what the system performance would be when any of the possible conditions are added. This Breakdown tool does this automatically for all the 500+ parameters, saving you all the work of doing this investigation manually. If a new filter condition line looks profitable, you would then add it to the existing filtering criteria in the selection system and repeat the process over and over again until it reaches the desired performance.

Each breakdown row is color coded in order to reveal the level of profitability for the filtering condition. Computing the color code takes into account the following statistical parameters: ROI (Return of investment), Archie score, Actual/Expected Wins, Expected Wins. The meaning of each color is the following:
– Green – the condition line is profitable. If this condition were added to the existing filtering list, the corresponding system performance in the breakdown line would be achieved.
– Red – the condition is not profitable. This condition can be added with a negation in the filtering list in order to eliminate the bad performance.
– Orange – the condition is inconclusive and it should be neglected at this point. This might be due to several reasons: low Archie score, positive but low ROI, or too small data sample size.

Filtering enables narrowing down the profitable breakdown rows by searching rows that have specific stats values. This way, a considerable increase in efficiency is reached, surfing through thousands of breakdown rows in the most efficient way. The filtering row is located just under the stats header. For each stats column, the comparator and value can be selected.
Sorting is performed by clicking the stats column header. Toggling the header switches between ascending and descending sorting.

It is recommended that the following workflow be followed in order to optimize the selection systems:

  • Step 1 – Start with few filtering conditions in order to have multiple selections qualified.
  • Step 2 – Run the test.
  • Step 3 – Use the Breakdown tool to peak at profitable new filtering conditions, when applicable.
  • Step 4 – Add the desired filtering conditions to the selection system.
  • Step 5 – Repeat Steps 2 through 4 until the final configuration is reached.

Yes, you can test up to 3 financial systems at the same time and make a comparative analysis of their performances.

A staking plan is an algorithm that computes the stake placed for each qualified selection in a market according to different configuration, selection and financial parameters. You can find all the available staking plans here: 

FlashRace offers more than 30 predefined staking plans, grouped into the following categories:
– Back (Non-Recovery and Recovery)
– Lay (Non-Recovery and Recovery)

The dutching algorithm is used for dividing the stake among multiple selections qualified in a market.
When placing back bets, the dutching algorithm ensures that no matter which back bet wins, the market profit is the same.
When placing lay bets, the dutching algorithm ensures that no matter which lay bet loses, the market liability is the same.

In order to read about all the statistical data computed in FlashRace please go to

The Qualifiers term refers to the process of fetching the qualified runners for the upcoming markets based on a specific selection system. The goal of the Qualifiers tool is to replace the time-consuming task of manually analyzing all the upcoming markets in order to identify the runners to bet on.

FlashRace offers data only for the current day’s races. Data becomes available around 4am GMT.

The great advantage of FlashRace is that it can be used in conjunction with a betting bot in order to create a fully automated and profitable betting engine. Betting is performed in an automated and profitable way. In this architecture, each module has its own advantages:

  • FlashRace – provides the qualified runners list according to your profitable selection systems. It acts as a pre-layer of the betting bot.
  • Betting Bot – provides the automated betting interface with the exchange platforms.

FlashRace integrated several features that will finally lead you to a fully automated betting configuration, with no daily manual tasks:

  • Manage qualifiers for multiple selection systems in parallel.
  • Customize export parameters and settings of the qualified runners list.
  • Fully automate the process with a preconfigured schedule.
  • The output of the Qualifiers tool can be shared with automated betting software to create a fully automated betting architecture.

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