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About FlashRace software - Overview



FlashRace is a software application specialized in simulating and testing betting activity. Using a consistent and accurate database of past races and results, you can test various systems and  betting strategies in a matter of minutes in order to determine whether it is profitable or not. This way, a considerable amount of time is saved with regards to finding the right criteria in choosing the runners to bet on or and developing the right financial setup when placing bets.

The database consists of races and results along with prices from exchange platforms; thus, users can simulate both back and lay bets. Currently, FlashRace offers these tools for all horse races in the UK and Ireland.

  • Selection systems: Various filters and selection criteria based on past races can be defined for identifying the right winners or the right losers. More than 500 parameters can be used for defining the filters in a flexible and efficient way. Simulation activity reveals the performance of selected criteria.
  • Financial systems: Complex tools for financial management of your betting activity. More than 30 fully customizable staking plans, along with a macro financial management of the betting bank, are available for in-depth testing. 
  • Qualifiers tool: FlashRace offers a very powerful automated service (Qualifiers Service) for retrieving the qualified runners in upcoming races, saving hours daily in manually studying the selections to bet on.

Note: FlashRace is not a betting tool. While using FlashRace, no bets will be placed on any platform. The output of FlashRace simulating tools are stats and simulated results, while the output of the Qualifiers Tool is a list of runners that one can use further in real betting activity.

FlashRace architecture

FlashRace software architecture consists of 2 components:

1. A desktop application (User Application). This is the product that one downloads and uses.
2. A centralized API. This component manages all the user and testing activity and is located on the FlashRace server.

In order to use FlashRace, a stable internet connection is required for the proper communication between the user application and the FlashRace API.

Note: No data is downloaded locally on the user’s computer. The user application acts as an interface between the user and the FlashRace API.
Note: SSL encryption is used for communication between the user application and the FlashRace API, so all the data is protected.

System requirements

To install and run the full FlashRace software,  you must have:

  • A Windows-compatible computer
  • .NET Framework 4.5.2 (or above) – it is automatically installed with the software
  • At least 500 MB free memory (RAM)
  • Internet connection

Install FlashRace

You must have administrator privileges in order to install FlashRace. The process is very simple, like any Windows application:

1. Download the installer kit and run the executable function.
2. On the Welcome page of the Wizard, click Next to proceed with the installation.
3. On the Choose Destination Location page, select the folder where the software should be installed, and then click Next. By default, the software will be installed at: C:\Program Files (x86)\FlashSoftware LLC\FlashRace\.
4. On the Confirm Installation page, click Next to proceed.
5. On the Installation Complete page, click Close.

A startup icon will be visible on the Desktop and in the startup menu. Click on it in order to run the software.


At startup, you will see the Login window displayed. The login credentials are the ones associated with your account from https://flashrace.uk:

  • Username – the email associated with your account.
  • Password – the password associated with your account.
FlashRace login
Login window

Fill in the credentials and click Login. The main window will be displayed.
Note: SSL encryption is used for communication between the user application and the FlashRace API, so all the data is protected.

Testing environment

The FlashRace testing environment is divided into the following areas:

  • Main menu –all the commands available to the user are displayed here.
  • Settings – the application’s general settings can be customized.
  • Data area – all the editing and testing data is displayed here.
Testing environment window

Main menu

The main menu provides all the user commands available for using the main features of the application:

  • Selection systems tab – provides commands for editing the selection systems, performing the simulations, and running in-depth analysis.
Selection system dashboard
Selection systems tab
  • Financial systems tab – provides commands for editing the financial systems, performing the simulations, and analyzing the results and performance.
Financial system panel
Financial systems tab
  • Qualifiers tab – provides commands for choosing the selection systems for which qualified runners will be retrieved (manual or automatic mode).
Qualifiers tool
Qualifiers tab


Click on the Settings icon in order to open the settings window. 

Here you can set the 

Exchange commission – this value refers to the actual exchange commission of the betting exchange platforms. This value will be applied in all simulations.

Note: For realistic performance results of your tests, please fill in the exchange commission with the appropriate value.

Data area

This area is used for displaying all the results of the performed tests. You can interact with the data for a better analysis. Each main menu tab has its own specific data area, which will be covered individually in each corresponding section.

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