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Leverage the powerful range of features to create, test and optimize your horse racing betting systems. 

Simplicity, Power and Purpose are the three bywords which provided both our foundation and inspiration when building FlashRace.

Simple To Use: No coding required here. We have designed our interface to be both functional and intuitive. Whatever your background or level of experience, we are confident you will soon be building profitable betting systems ranging from the simple to the complex with FlashRace’s easy to use and super-fast software.

Power In Performance: With such a vast database at your disposal – over 130,000 races – you can be confident that the systems devised through FlashRace will be based upon truly extensive, in-depth and powerful statistical analysis.

Purposeful In Use: Once created, the FlashRace platform provides all the tools you need when it comes to making your systems and the software work for you. From detailed statistical breakdowns to a multitude of staking plans; and even betting bot compatibility, it really does contain everything you need for successful horse racing betting.

So, how best to leverage the powerful range of features, and plot your route to horse racing profit?

Step 1 – Create your selection systems

Containing over 145,000 races spanning back to 2010, and 500+ available parameters with which to fine-tune your selection strategy, the power and potential of the software is almost limitless. If you can think of a system, chances are you will be able to test it using FlashRace.

Simply select the edit systems icon, followed by the green plus sign to begin creating your personal betting system. Give it a name and you’re ready to go.

Begin adding conditions using our intuitive drop-down menus, with a multitude of parameters based upon market, selection, trainer and jockey data from FlashRace’s exhaustive database.

Satisfied you have set all the conditions you wish to examine? Select the “Run” icon and your desired date range and hey presto, your systems past performance will be before your eyes in an instant.

Don’t forget you are able to go back and adjust/add/remove any of your systems initial conditions until it exactly meets your goals

Step 2 – Configure & Analyze your financial scenarios

With your selection system now devised, you are ready to move on to the financial systems tab.

Much like with the selection systems process, you have a wide array of options at your disposal here.

  • Select the initial bank and maximum stake values.
  • Set withdrawal criteria.
  • Determine stop profit and stop loss boundaries.
  • Select from 30 staking plans, including Back Level, Percentage, Kelly and Labouchere.
  • More of a layer than a backer. All of the above are also available as Lay options.

This really is a hugely useful weapon to have in your betting arsenal. No need for trial and error with your staking plans; simply run your selection systems under the variety of financial systems available and the most suitable staking plan will soon become apparent.

Step 3 – Tweak & Optimize

The FlashRace software certainly takes the vast majority of the work out of building a winning horse racing betting system, but as with most good things in life, there will nevertheless often be room for improvement.

The FlashRace Breakdown feature is here to help in this regard. Go into the minutiae of your betting systems with comprehensive analysis by market, selection, trainer and jockey parameters available.

By drilling down into the data using the Breakdown Analysis feature, all will become clear.
FlashRace again makes life easy for you here, with a colour coded tab highlighting the most profitable areas of your system in green.

This is also the place to come to determine the reliability of your system. Are the results based more upon luck or a genuine underlying trend? Our complex statistical analysis package featuring measures such as the Archie Score will give you an in-depth look at your system’s performance.

Step 4 – Put it to work

The final step is simply putting your system to work. Click through to the qualifiers tab to bring up a list of upcoming runners for each of your systems. 

Qualifying selections for the current and following days racing will be displayed, including details of race time, course, trainer and jockey.

With a daily alert feature also available you need never miss a bet. Alternatively, all selections may be exported or simply pushed directly into your preferred betting bot to further automate the process.

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