FlashRace key features

FlashRace comes with a bundle of powerful features offering the utmost in flexibility and performance. You can now create complex betting strategies and horse racing systems by testing your selection systems under a large number of staking plans and financial scenarios. Find out why FlashRace is the go-to racing system builder.

Real Data

Backtest your systems on 145,000+ horse races

  • Compress years of betting data into seconds of testing.
  • Extensive historical data for UK and IRE horse races (Flat, jumps and NHF).
  • 100% accurate, if our algorithm can’t define whether a record is valid or not, our manual approving process would then be conducted.

Horse Racing Profits: It’s All In The Data

With over 15,000 horses in training and 11,000+ individual races held in the UK and Ireland each year the data stream facing horse-racing bettors is vast. The source of this stream of statistics is also more varied and diverse than in any other nation.

The wide range of tests offered by the 60 UK and 26 Irish racecourses, all contribute towards providing the greatest racing spectacle in the world, but also serve to add to the complexity of the sport.

In addition, with distances ranging from the 5f sprint affairs of the flat to the 4m+ staying marathons on the National Hunt calendar; and the quality of animal spanning the full spectrum from the Class 7 handicappers to the Grade/Group 1 superstars, not to mention around 600 trainers and 450 jockeys, there is certainly plenty to get to grips with here.

With so many variables and corresponding permutations, the task of sifting through the noise of this data may appear a monumental one.

Monumental maybe, but not impossible. This is where the FlashRace software comes in.

Selection systems

Quick and user-friendly system builder, you can create and test horse racing systems in a matter of minutes.

  • Top–notch, easy to use filter editor - combine hundreds of parameters using logical operators to create complex backing and laying systems. You can literally create any system you think of, the sky is the limit.
  • Over 500 parameters for markets, selections, jockeys, and trainers to customize your systems. With even more on the way.
  • No technical skills or betting experience required. Create your betting systems in no time.
  • Extensive breakdown reports, which help you to quickly examine the trends, patterns and to uncover valuable selection angles.
  • Apply various betting actions by using in-built system functions.

Conceive and Devise Your Very Own Racing Systems

At FlashRace, our aim from the outset has been to assimilate the data surrounding a number of the factors mentioned above – and many, many more – into an intuitive, fast and powerful analysis platform. No need to concern yourself with the laborious task of accumulating and sorting your own data, it’s all there for you, ready and waiting. 

Containing over 145,000 races spanning back to 2010, and 500+ available parameters with which to fine-tune your 
selection strategy, the power and potential of the software is almost limitless. If you can think of a system, chances are you will be able to test it using FlashRace.

FlashRace makes the complex – simple, and the time-consuming – instantaneous.

Betting Strategies

Simulate real-life betting behaviour on years of horse racing data

  • Supercharge your strategic betting performance by developing powerful betting strategies with our cutting-edge bank management tool.
  • Test your selection systems on multiple financial systems at the same time and compare their performance side by side.
  • Assess the consistency of your strategy by analyzing over time periods ranging from days to months to years.
  • Take full control over your betting systems by setting up effective bank management functions and safety features: stop loss/stop profit, withdraw money under certain conditions, top up your wallet etc.​

Staking plans

Create back and lay complex strategies

  • Run your horse racing systems on over 30 fully editable staking plans, from simple flat plans to complex recouping staking formulas.
  • Dutch back, dutch lay, spread the stakes between selections or simply bet with the same stake on all the qualified selections.
  • Calculate your stake based on the current, initial or highest bank.
  • Set maximum stake/liability.
  • Explore our community staking plans - we tailor-make specific staking plans on demand.

Staking: Making The Most Of it

As with any form of betting, the selection process in horse racing – whilst crucial – is still only half of the procedure. This leads us to the next major function of the software.

Not content at providing an ideal foundation on which to devise and build profitable horse racing systems, another of our aims when constructing FlashRace was to present users with the opportunity to investigate how best to put these systems to use from an investment perspective.

Run your system on any – or all – of the 30+ custom staking plans built into the software to ascertain the best fit for each of your strategies. Complete with an informative charts feature, it now takes a matter of minutes to determine the staking plan which best matches your profitability and variance goals.

Stats and reports

Uncover profitable angles by analysing in-depth accurate statistics

  • Over 50 stats parameters to appraise the performance of your racing system.
  • Confidence level indexes - Archie Score, Actual vs Expected index (A/E).
  • See bank evolution over time, bankruptcies, the likelihood of bankruptcy and much more.
  • Interpret the results at a glance with various charts.
  • In-depth betting results down to market and selection level.
  • Extensive financial and system reports drilled down by years, months and days.


Retrieve the lists with the future qualifiers of your betting systems

  • Don't lose time every day through analyzing and qualifying your selections. Use the autopilot function and let FlashRace do the work.
  • Simply copy and paste the qualified selections or export your listings directly into your betting bot.
  • View daily lists highlighting the future qualified selections of your systems (dynamically updated due to odds changes, non-runners, Going etc).

Put It All To Work

Interesting as all this analysis is in its own right, the main aim, for many, will, of course, be to utilize the software as a powerful tool in their betting armoury.

This brings us to the final aim of the FlashRace software. Namely, to facilitate its use as a betting tool in as seamless a manner as possible. No need to scan the lists of runners for your next qualifying selections, with daily lists and email alerts available, the software again does all the legwork for you.

For those looking to take the autonomous nature of the software a step further, the ability to integrate FlashRace with your favourite betting bot really does take all the work out of betting. Your sole job now is simply to unearth a profitable strategy and let the software do the rest.

With FlashRace, it has never been easier to:

Devise a betting strategy

Fine-tune your system

Determine a profit maximising staking plan

Automate the process

Create your account