The concept

Use the patterns of the past to identify and exploit the profitable opportunities of the future.​

What is betting if not an effort to predict the future? How accurate we are in our predictions in comparison with the betting markets will ultimately determine how successful we are in the long run. Whether we come out ahead of the game or are left lagging behind.

But how do we go about forecasting and predicting future events?

We do so by examining the patterns of the past. When attempting to predict what will come next, we first need to examine what has gone before.

Whatever the betting medium; history and past performance are invariably the key pointers when it comes to assessing the likelihood of a future outcome. So how to measure and track this history and past performance? The answer is through data. In data, we find the rich seams of golden information required to point the way to betting profits.

Try for a second to imagine betting on a horse race with no form or information on the runners available. We would effectively be betting blind. That’s all very well for those bettors who view horse racing primarily as being a recreational activity, “a little bit of fun at the end of the week”, but for those who aspire to achieve more from their betting, consistently making selections in a blind and random manner can only lead to disappointment.

If no information at all makes betting profitably all but impossible, it so follows that the more data we have at our disposal, the greater our chances of success will be. The only trouble with horse racing is that the pool of data is vast. It is also growing every day, being added to by the steady stream of daily races.

How can we hope to keep track of it all?

FlashRace contains data on over 145,000 races run in the UK and Ireland – data which is being constantly updated as each new race takes place – creating an enormous pool of information, and its all at your disposal.

One benefit of such a large data source is that you can trust any patterns and successful strategies uncovered are likely to prove reliable. The greater the sample size, the greater the reliability – and most crucially from a betting perspective – the greater the likelihood that the patterns of the past will continue into the future.

Having access to all this data is a good start but is only the foundation of a successful betting strategy. We are also going to need the appropriate tool with which to mine this data. 

The software contains information on factors such as course, jockey, trainer, recent form, time of year, distance, handicap, ROI, Strike Rate and much more, but its real power lies in the ability to analyse and filter this data. Quickly and easily examine the parameters you wish to investigate using the intuitive tools within the site to tailor your system to meet your exact requirements.

There are undoubtedly a wide array of profitable strategies lying within the data, simply waiting to be unearthed. ,

Having now located a profitable betting strategy - or strategies - the next step is to determine how best to implement them.

All systems are not created equally when it comes to the optimal approach towards financial investment. 

There is one more layer on top of knowing whom to bet on, a critical one – the financial system you use. There is no point of betting if you don’t implement the best money management strategy that will safely sustain your selection system in the real market. You need to precisely know what is the dynamics of your cash flow, how high or how low the stakes and liability should be, should you risk aggressive recovery strategies or not. You need to be protected against long losing runs and profit when current winning runs occur. You need to train and develop a financial strategy that will expose your betting bank to no risk. 

This is why the FlashRace financials tools were specifically designed to help you in accurately simulating real-life financial scenarios, letting you choose and configure from the staking plan you want to whether top up your betting wallet when you are short on cash or withdraw money according to your conditions. Stop loss or stop profit or even waiting for the right moment to bet enhance your chances of making more profit while protecting your bank.

Using the Financial Systems feature, any selection system you create can be analysed under a wide variety of staking plans and simulated betting strategies in order to determine what financial setup produce the highest ROI.

So, having now developed a profitable strategy, and also determined the best Financial System to employ in order to maximise the system’s effectiveness, all we need to do now is keep an eye out for those all-important system qualifiers.

Through the use of the automatic tool, you can rely on the software to quickly and accurately identify qualifiers for your betting systems, free of human error and free of time and effort on your part. Simply view the daily lists provided or await the email notifications.

In summary, whilst the vast array of data and hundreds of individual parameters featured in the software is undoubtedly a complex approach to betting on horse racing, it is in such complexity that the route to profit often lies. Through FlashRace it is possible to uncover this route in a manner which is both quick and easy to implement.

Minimise the time spent on mundane data collection tasks, maximising your time to think creatively to devise and create new profitable systems.