Tools to build your powerful horse racing systems, test any betting strategy and increase your betting ROI

FlashRace helps you to save lots of money in wasted bets and tons of time with your data research. Quickly identify statistically winning angles and create any imaginable horse racing system.

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There is a better way to make your betting pay

Let’s be completely honest, aren’t you tired of prediction software programs or tipping services that burn your money? Aren’t you bored and confused with your daily hard work analysis when picking horses to win or lose?

There’s still hope! You can now create powerful horse racing systems by backtesting any real-life betting strategy on a large amount of historical data, in an easy and realistic way. That means you can learn how your systems perform over time and leverage the results to find statistical edges. 

Create back and lay horse racing systems with a high confidence level

Backtest your systems in minutes (if not seconds) in a virtual betting environment without risking any real money

Simulate any selection and staking strategy you think of by using a variety of staking plans and money management methods


What is FlashRace, you ask?

FlashRace is an innovative statistical analysis software for virtual betting on historical horse racing markets, helping you to develop robust horse racing systems and betting strategies. With FlashRace you can quickly examine the patterns of the past to find statistical advantages

Using the power of computer simulation you can model real-life staking scenarios on 145+ UK and Ireland horse races.

But FlashRace is a whole lot more!

The heart of FlashRace - System builder

You create it, so any system is unique

  • How do horses really fare in first-time blinkers?
  • Are last time out winners a good bet?
  • Should trainers on a losing run be avoided?
  • Do low drawn runners outperform their high drawn counterparts?
  • Do top-weights offer value on the flat?

With over 500 parameters and the facility to analyze endless combinations of form factors, all these questions and more can be answered with cold hard factual data using FlashRace system builder.

Breakdown tool: Fine tune your system

Easily isolate the data to increase your systems ROI still further

The breakdown tool is a goldmine of important data, allowing you to investigate exactly where the profit comes from, and also where it is potentially being leaked.

  • Does your system show a profit only in certain months of the year?
  • Is a particular system a long term loser at certain courses, but a big winner at other venues?
  • Is the Strike Rate or ROI of a horse, jockey or trainer over the past 14 days or 6 months a trustworthy indicator of future performance?
  • Does an overall losing racing system contain niche pockets of profit?

By drilling down into the data, you can easily uncover profitable betting angles. A colour coded tab highlights the most profitable areas of your system in green.

Staking Plan: Making the most of it

Configure & analyze your financial scenarios

Devised a profitable horse racing system? Now you need a staking plan. But which to use? There are many questions to be answered, eg.

  • How high or low should your stakes be?
  • Will an aggressive recovery strategy work in the long run?
  • What is the risk level associated with every betting plan or how soon you can expect bankruptcy?
  • When is the optimal moment to cash out?

Using the Financial Systems feature, any racing system you create can be analysed under a wide variety of simulated staking scenarios in order to determine the best approach. The stop profit/stop loss, specified withdrawal point options and many other features are there to assist in this regard.

Qualifiers tool: Put it all to work

Push the autopilot button and let the system run. Really?

No need to scan the lists of runners for your next qualifying selections, FlashRace again does all the legwork for you.

Through the use of the automatic tool, you can rely on the software to quickly and accurately identify qualifiers for your betting systems, free of human error and free of time and effort on your part. 

If you are looking to take the autonomous nature of the software a step further, the ability to integrate FlashRace with your favourite betting bot, really does take all the work out of betting. 

FlashRace digs up hundreds of winning horse racing systems

Quickly and easily mine and filter the data.

To track, analyse and record every horse race in the UK and Ireland is, without doubt, a monumental task. To do so whilst also noting the details of hundreds of influential parameters is almost certainly beyond the time constraints of most bettors.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about the time-consuming results recording process. FlashRace does it all for you.

A wide range of profitable strategies, lying within the enormous pool of information, are simply waiting to be uncovered.

Whether you be a backer, a layer, or both, these systems and strategies can be unearthed, tweaked and perfected through FlashRace.

Watch the video to see FlashRace in action »

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Here's just an example of a winning racing system powered by FlashRace

Backing the first time out horses

Level Staking Plan

1% of the initial bank

Percent Staking Plan

1% of the current bank

Percent Staking Plan (with stop loss and stop profit enabled)

1% of the current bank

This system is conceived on backing the first time out runners (yes, the horses that have never raced before!), the idea here is that these horses are usually overpriced, especially on Betfair. But not all. Using the breakdown tool we made the system profitable by eliminating several categories on markets, selections, jockeys, and trainers, and setting up the system to skip the races where more than 2 selections are qualified in the same market. 

Same system, different results

The system shows a relatively low strike rate but registers a profit through its ability to identify long odds winners. Such a system needs a long-term approach to financial investment, and features in-built bankroll protection measures against long losing runs. The three staking plans, each one with the same starting bankroll of £500, produce different returns, where the green one is the winner so far.

That’s just an idea of a proven horse racing system. FlashRace powers hundreds like this and better, while many other profitable systems are waiting to be unearthed.

Want to see more?

No other horse racing system builder tool out there integrates money management into your betting schemes or allows you to simulate real betting on such a huge data sample size.

Why do smart punters pick FlashRace?

So many benefits that we’re unable to list them all.

FlashRace will give you a critical advantage over all other punters who fail to make long term profits with their horse racing selection systems. Some might even say it’s an “unfair” advantage. Specifically, you are going to get access to a set of essential tools to cut your risk, boost your returns, and simplify all of your betting decisions.

Racing history data icon

Real Data

Dig into an extensive horse racing database to create powerful systems and betting strategies. We have accurate historical data for flat, jumps and NHF, both in UK and IRE. 

Horse racing selection systems icon

Selection Systems

Use the most intelligent and user-friendly filter editor to qualify selections for your horse racing systems, with hundreds of parameters that might influence the performance of any race runner. No tech skills required. Learn more about Selection Systems.

Betting strategies icon

Betting Strategies

Optimize your selection systems by combining them with the most efficient bankroll management plans. Don’t be restricted to one system. With FlashRace you are able to configure and test multiple betting strategies at once. Learn more about Betting Strategies.

Staking plans icon

Staking Plans

Test your back and lay systems on 30+ customizable staking plans. If you have any other staking plan in mind, just let us know and we will implement it at no cost. Learn more about Staking Plans.

Stats and reports icon

Stats and Reports

Identify key statistic points and discover profitable angles by analyzing in-depth breakdown reports and various charts. See at a glance what strategies work. Learn more about Stats and Reports.

Qualifiers icon


Receive daily alerts on the qualified selections of your systems. You are able to export selections or simply push them directly into your preferred betting bot, letting FlashRace do the work for you. Learn more about Qualifiers.

With FlashRace you can craft impossibly complex (or simple) betting strategies in no time.

Suitable for experts and beginners alike

We’ve developed the software with simplicity in mind. FlashRace comes with a very intuitive user interface, it’s ridiculously easy to use and super fast. Moreover, it really works! 

It won't take long at all for you to see how this affordable platform can radically change the way you used to bet on horse races and supercharge your betting strategies.

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Leave the guesswork behind! Get started now!

Questions? Check out our FAQ's

To use FlashRace, you must have a stable internet connection. Please note that FlashRace is for Windows PC’s only. If you have an Apple, we recommend the use of a VPS.

FlashRace is not a betting tool. While using the software, no bets will be placed on any platform. The outputs of FlashRace are:

  • Stats and simulated results on past races data.
  • A list of future races runners that you can use further in real betting activity.

Anyway you can export your qualified selections into a betting bot automatically, this being one of our unique and power features.

You will have access to an extensive database of over 145000 UK and Ireland races (flat, jumps, NHF) and over 500 parameters to fine-tune your systems. Data is being constantly updated as each new race takes place.

The term selection system is a complex statement that refers to the whole set of rules and techniques that define the criteria for selecting the markets and runners to place bets on. The goal of a selection system is to filter the daily markets and runners in order to pick out value in the market and to provide a competitive advantage.

The selection system acts as the foundation for profitable betting. No matter what the staking plan is, you need appropriate selections in the long run.

The term Financial System refers to the whole financial setup of betting activity, from the management of the betting bankroll to the staking plan used to calculate the current stakes placed in the market. The goal of a financial system is to provide a financial setup that will expose the betting bank to the lowest risks while maintaining a high ROI (Return of Investment) and a realistic cash-flow. A good financial setup will protect your bankroll from long losing runs and will adapt according to its evolution. You can test various scenarios, from high risks with high ROI, to low risks but constant and positive ROI.

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FlashRace is trusted by professional horse racing investors, tipsters and media pundits.

FR has been a real game-changer for me. The very first time I used it, changed the way I think about horse racing so much. I hadn’t realised how many factors I was missing before, or how bad my staking was.

Theodor Devereaux

I create and test systems in just minutes and receive consistent results which I then incorporate into my betting strategy. Since using it I have saved time, making it an all-round winner in my book.

Matthew Batterson

I wish this had been available years ago. The amount of time saved in recording and analysing data alone makes this a service well worth using.

Nathan Everton

With so many possibilities when it comes to system building, I find myself constantly thinking of new ideas. In what seems like no time at all I can test out all my ideas to see if they actually work using real-life data.

Gregor Prescott

Flashrace is a superbly designed, functional, easy to navigate software. I am definitely not a technical wizard but I found it so easy to create my betting systems. It has an amazing horse racing database with factual historic data about all types of horse racing in UK and IRE.

Klaus Schmidt

I’ve always loved betting on racing but must admit I’m enjoying it even more now that my results have improved so dramatically thanks to the systems I have been able to devise. I wouldn’t bet without it now.

Andrea Ricci
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